Curriculum Map







Who Am I?

Whitebourne Care Home Visit

Author Visit

Nativity Play


How can we care for our World?

Millers Ark Farm

Why do we need to grow?

The Lookout

Chameleon (Exotic) Animals


Year 1

How to fly

Samuel Cody Workshop

Remember, Remember...

Twisted Tales

Do all cats roar?

Ready, Steady, Sow!

Once upon a time

RNLI Selsey and Beach

Year 2

A Twist in the Tale

Super Seasons

Your Royal Highness

Windsor Castle

Life in the Freezer

Nature all around us


Celebrating Differences


Year 3

Stone Age to Iron Age


Pizza Express


Local Area Walk

The Romans

Romans Workshop

Mysterious Mayans


Yr 3 Sleepover

Year 4

The Local Area

Surrey Heath Museum workshop

Weather Patterns 




Anglo Saxons

Residential to Ufton Court

Living Things

Trip to Tomlins Pond

Year 5



 World War 1


Winchester Science Centre

Changing Climates

Wild, Wild West

Camp Out

The  Ancient Greeks

The Greek Day

Year 6


Camp Out

Crime and Punishment

World War 2







Grittleton House Residential

At Lakeside our Thematic Curriculum is designed around our children to be broad and inclusive. We strive to ensure our curriculum is exciting and engaging. Our curriculum is knowledge and skills based which allows children to build their learning year after year. Our themes are carefully planned from the objectives each year group covers and is driven by high quality texts to support vocabulary development. 

As a Kite Academy school, we have identified eight disciplinary concepts that underpin our curriculum. By identifying a main concept (or concepts) for each subject in a unit of learning and a curious question, we are able to develop this curriculum coherence or ‘stickability’ of knowledge, enabling it to be committed to longer term memory. We use these concepts to shape the key knowledge in a subject, linking across subjects too (‘interdisciplinary’). Throughout our planning, the disciplinary concepts are colour coded for quick reference. This process can be summarised in the following diagram:


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In the Early Years topics and themes are likely to change in line with the children's own interests and curiosities. Please keep a look out for your year groups half-term overview for detailed information on each topic.

Click the links below for a detailed overview for each Year Group. For more information please contact the Curriculum Lead on 01276 469200 or 




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