Reception - Emperors and Rockhoppers

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Penguin Post

This half term our topic has been called ’Bugs and Beasties’. We have been learning all about the life cycles of butterflies and frogs.

Number Day

We loved taking part in all the number activities and joining the whole school in trying to complete a money mile. The treasure hunt, helping Captain Pete, on the playground was lots of fun too!

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The Teeny Weeny Tadpole
We learnt about how frogs hatch out of frogspawn to become tadpoles and then grow legs to become froglets and how they then digest the nutrients in their own tail to become frogs. We used our noticing skills to recognise the differences between the animals at different stages of their life and got to see some real tadpoles grow into froglets from our very own ‘Jack’s Pond’!

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Caterpillar observation

We were very excited when our caterpillars arrived for us to look after. We enjoyed watching them wriggling around the pot and were even more excited when they turned into chrysalis’ and hatched into butterflies! We have been making them cards and pictures to look at and have created lots of different ways to display the different stages of their lives.

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Spring 2

This half term our topic has been called ’Happy Healthy Explorers’. We have been learning how to keep our minds and bodies healthy.

World book day
We created some shoe box story scenes from our favourite books as well as some collages and bookmarks with our favourite characters on.

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Mrs Armitage: Queen of the Road
We made vehicles using junk modelling. We tried really hard to think about how to join our different pieces together and started to make ‘tabs’ using stirps of folded card. We talked about whether our vehicles needed wheels or whether they would travel in a different way.

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What We Are Learning:

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