Year 6 - Eagles and Kestrels

Year 6 have been learning about rivers!

In Geography we have studied famous rivers from around the world, the features of rivers as well as important map-work skills; such as grid co-ordinates, contour lines and map symbols. We had great fun creating maps of the forest school area and creating 3-d contour lines.

In English we studied the novel: ‘The River’ by Gary Paulsen. We began our topic by building our own rafts out of natural resources and testing their buoyancy. We learnt how to create tension in our writing by using techniques such as: using a limited perspective, the five senses and using punctuation such as: ellipses and dashes. We also created some incredible fire poems which are on display in our classrooms.

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In Maths we focussed on shape, learning about reflection and translations on four-quadrant grids. We also learnt about the area and perimeter of different shapes, as well as angles and how to find missing angles.

Science was electrifying this term and great fun was had by all as we tried to create games and alarm systems using our knowledge of voltage and resistance. It was a difficult challenge, but everyone showed great resilience and creativity!


Spring 2

Year 6 have been learning about Journeys. 

In Science we have learned about inheritance and evolution and the journey of living things across the ages. We have looked at fossils and the role they play as well as discussing Charles Darwin and his contributions to Science.

In English we studied the wordless picture book, The Arrival by Shaun Tan. The children enjoyed discussing the possible meaning in the book and ideas about immigration and journeys that people may take in their lives. To link with this, we created our own characters and used them in play– scripts and narratives.

We celebrated the last day of term by spending our English lesson building dens in the outdoor area and having a D.E.A.R (Drop Everything And Read) Time!


In RE we have looked at both Buddhism and Hinduism in depth and compared similarities and differences between the two religions. The children had great fun working with clay to create their own Diya lamps for Diwali.


We began our Forest School sessions again where we worked on team-building and knot –tying. The children thoroughly enjoyed their activity of guiding each other through the woods, blindfolded.


What We Are Learning:

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