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17th May - 28th May 2021

We have had a busy few weeks in Little Ducklings learning about growing, healthy foods and different types of vegetables. The children explored a story called Vegetable Soup and were able to describe the smell, texture, taste and touch of a variety of vegetables. They learnt about using a knife to cut safely and developed their own exciting recipes in the Mud Kitchen. During our growing topic the children have explored their own line of enquiries and it has been lovely to see them applying the skills taught in their home group sessions into their child-led learning time. We worked collaboratively to build our own flower beds for our Home Corner, which we look forward to filling after half term.

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3rd May - 14th May 2021

It has been a fantastic week, where the children have been exploring mathematical language to describe size. This includes: big, biggest, small, smallest, tall, short, long, medium, high and low. They have been busy comparing lengths, ordering and making their own towers. Once again the Little Ducklings have made us all proud with their confidence and independence skills. They all help to keep the classroom clean, tidy and spend time building their upper arm muscles sweeping the leaves and rain! The children met Jigsaw Jenie, who helps us think about our actions and how to be a good friend. Friendships continue to blossom and they are working collaboratively to develop their ideas within their imaginative play.

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23rd April - 30th April 2021

We have had a great first week back in Little Ducklings. The children have shown great confidence and independence when settling back into the nursery routine. They have worked collaboratively to build obstacle courses and making sure they don’t fall into the Lava! Our super construction workers have built tall towers and have been thinking about different ways of extending these.The weather has been great, and we have been exploring the nursery mound, playing hide and seek and searching for signs of Spring! The creative area has allowed the children to develop their scissor skills and create super patterns and shapes. We have had some new starters who have enjoyed their Stay and Play sessions, they have enjoyed exploring the Nursery and are getting use to the routines.


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