Year 2 - Herons and Kingfishers

Year 2 had great fun learning how to make popcorn. Each child had a go at adding oil into the special popcorn pan and then heating it over the open fire. We heard and watched the popcorn pop then ate it all up!! Such a lovely sensory experience to have at school. An inspiration for adjectives!

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Empathy Day
We have been learning about empathy and how to ‘take a walk in someone else's shoes’. We joined in the shoe hunt and talked as a class about the character from each story.


Number Day
Lakeside joined in the NSPCC event number day. We dressed up in number costumes and spent the day enjoying maths challenges. Year 2 experienced a carousel of activities including painting by number, making a number crown, making a 3D shape marshmallow/spaghetti shape, board games and outdoor counting. We joined in with KS1 outdoor number trial and then added to the number mile! Thank you to everyone who donated.


The Owl and the Pussy Cat
We have been learning the poem The Owl and The Pussycat. The children have enjoyed role playing the characters and answering letters from the Pig with a ring in the end of his nose. We made old maps to help him find his box of rings and drew imaginative pictures of Bong Tree Island.


Spring 2

For World Book Day we looked at the story 'Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Book?' by Lauren Child. The children imagined what it would be like to jump inside a story book and link traditional tales, with their well known characters, to their own stories.

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Shape and Pattern
The children showed how creative they can be finding fantastic patterns in everyday objects. We went on shape hunts and looked at lines of symmetry on 2D shapes.

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What We Are Learning:

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