Year 3 - Owls and Robins

Ancient Maya
During our topic, we learnt about the history of the Ancient Maya people. We looked at ancient artefacts and now understand how these are evidence of how the Mayas lived. We learnt about the importance of Mayan masks and designed and made our own based on certain Gods. Finally, we learnt how the Mayans made chocolate and then designed and made our own chocolate treat. Yummy!

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Science– Forces and Magnets
In science this half term we have been investigating forces and magnets. We now know the ends of a magnet are called the poles and these will either repel or attract one another. We also investigated which materials are magnetic.


In maths this half term we have been learning all about fractions and time. We learnt how to add, subtract and compare fractions as well as find fractions of numbers and objects! We have also learnt how to tell the digital and analogue time.


In our English, we have studied the book The Chocolate Tree. This was a Mayan tale about how the Mayas came to have chocolate. We also looked at recipe writing and wrote instructions for our own chocolate treat!



 Spring 2

Healthy Living
During our topic, we learnt about the importance of eating the correct amounts of nutrients to stay healthy. We also learnt about the 5 different food groups and their functions . Using the eat well plate to give us guidance, we now know how much of each food group we should be eating. Finally, we used the Change 4 Life sugar app to learn about the amount of sugar in our food and how we can make healthier choices!


Science– Animals Including Humans
In science, we learnt all about the bones and muscles in the human body and the function of each. We now know there are 206 bones in our body and the fact we need them to protect our vital organs, support our body and to move!


In maths this half term we have been consolidating our learning. We have recapped our home learning topics of money, statistics and measurement as well as looking at the 4 key operations.


As part of Book Week, we studied the story ‘Black Dog’ by Levi Pinfold. We examined how to build and improve our vocabulary choices.


What We Are Learning:

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