Year 3 - Owls and Robins

Autumn 1

Year 3 have been learning about The Stone Age to Iron Age!

This half term we have studied the book ‘Stone Age Boy’. We enjoyed finding out about the way people lived and wrote some amazing setting descriptions. After this the children were very theatrical and got into role! This enabled them to write a diary entry as if we had travelled back to the Stone Age. We even made our own spears and cave paintings using natural resources we found around our school!


Science– Rocks and Fossils

We started off our Rocks and Fossils topic by learning how to classify and sort different rocks. We conducted experiments around hardness and permeability and examined what is in the soil we have at school. Finally, we learnt what fossils are and how they are formed, investigating Mary Anning, a famous fossil hunter from over 200 years ago!



In maths this half term we have consolidated our place value learning and also looked at using hundreds! We have also started to look at addition and subtraction using lots of practical resources. This helps us to see exactly what happens!



What We Are Learning:

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