The safety, welfare and care of our children at Lakeside is paramount. We are fully committed to providing the highest standards in protecting and safeguarding the children in our care at all times.

Safeguarding Team

Miss S. Armstrong

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs L. Byrne

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs N. Cliffe

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs K. Beer

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Laura Saayman

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Aimee Squires

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead




Any concerns should be reported to one of our Safeguarding Team. Our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy can be found here

Child Protection

We recognise that some children may be the victims of neglect, physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Staff of the school will often, by virtue of their day to day contact and knowledge of the children, be well placed to identify such abuse and offer support to children in need.

We ensure that arrangements are in place for:

  • all appropriate actions to be taken to address concerns about the welfare of a child, or children, following the procedure outlined in The Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy procedures and in full partnership with other local agencies.
  • all persons working at this school to be trained in the recognition of signs of abuse and how to respond.

In order to protect our children, we aim to:

  • Create an atmosphere where all our children can feel secure, valued and listened to
  • Recognise signs and symptoms of abuse
  • Respond quickly and effectively to cases of suspected abuse
  • Notify Children’s Services via the approved mechanisms as soon as there is a significant concern.
  • Monitor and support children at risk
  • Use the curriculum to raise children’s awareness, build confidence and skills
  • Work closely with parent/carers and support external agencies
  • Ensure that all adults within our school/service who have access to children have been checked as to their suitability.
  • Provide continuing support to a child about whom there have been concerns who leave the school by ensuring that appropriate information is forwarded under confidential cover to the child’s new school.

Please see our Child Protection policy for further information.


Lakeside is committed to providing the children a caring and homely environment within which they can flourish; allowing them, without hindrance, to enjoy their education and develop as individuals in as many spheres as possible. Everyone has the right to be treated with kindness and respect and to be properly supported if they are not. Bullying of any kind is deemed unacceptable and will always be taken seriously and acted upon. We are committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of pupils and young people and expect all staff and volunteers to share this commitment.
We have achieved the bronze Surrey Anti-Bullying Charter mark and are currently progressing to the silver award.

Our Anti- Bullying Policy can be found here

What is Bullying?

S- Several

T- Times

O- On

P- Purpose

Bullying is behaviour by an individual or group, repeated over time, that intentionally hurts another individual or group either physically or emotionally. We use the STOP acronym to help explain this to the children.
Bullying can take many forms (for instance, cyber-bullying via text messages or the internet), and is often motivated by prejudice against particular groups, for example on grounds of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or because a child is adopted or has caring responsibilities.

Motto for the Children

Be brave, be bold, make sure you’ve told.

Our school motto when dealing with bullying encourages children to report it to an adult if they feel they are being bullied, or if they know someone else is feeling the same. Our school Anti Bullying policy explains this in more detail as well as what happens when bullying is suspected.

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