Year 5 - Falcons and Hawks

Year 5 have learned about Climate Change including global warming, the ozone layer and farming. The children have really enjoyed researching such a prominent subject in today’s world. We also took part in a WWF webinar, which was linked to the David Attenborough film ‘Life on our planet’ and we are taking part in their competition, designing a vision for their future world.

Linking with our topic, during our English lessons, pupils studied the text, “Floodland” and Year 5 have been using drama to help us understand characters’ feelings and motives. We have enjoyed reading the novel by Marcus Sedgwick. It has prompted a lot of discussion about characters and their reactions to difficult events.
We launched our science topic of ’working scientifically’ and have enjoyed planning our own experiments.

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In Maths, we have worked really hard to secure our knowledge of decimals and the children have secured their knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. With this topic, we have consolidated our knowledge of column method addition and subtraction.

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Spring 2

Year 5 have learned about the Wild, Wild West including North America, the gold rush, map work, biomes, lines of latitude and longitude and New York changing over time . Linking with this, during our English lessons, pupils studied the text, “The Wolves of Currumpaw” and used this to practise inference skills and extend our knowledge of North America.

We launched our science topic of plant and animal life cycles with a day in the forest, looking for signs of spring and collecting seeds and leaves for observational drawings. We have also been chitting our potatoes and sowing bean seeds for our home learning project. We have then observed the growth of a green and a black bean, to see which seed began to germinate first and if they had the same life cycle. Our pond and ditch are full of frogs laying frog spawn, so we will be able to observe this life cycle as well.

To support the children’s knowledge of plants, they have explored different types of poetry, using ‘The Lost Words’ for inspiration. By bringing nature and poetry together, we have written black-out poems, shape poems. In art, we have created collages to represent our raven poems.

In Maths, we have worked really hard to secure our knowledge of addition and subtraction of fractions. We have looked at improper fractions and mixed numbers, as well as simplifying them.

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What We Are Learning:


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