Year 5 - Falcons and Hawks

Autumn 1

 Picture83We have started off the new term by reading and writing inspired by the text, ‘The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club’ The pupils have produced some lovely written work such as: diary entries; travel logs; newspapers; persuasive leaflets and predicting chapter endings. The storyline of the book has captured the interest of the children and they have listened intently to class reading and completed their Guided Reading tasks with enthusiasm.


In history lessons, we have been learning about The Vikings, Viking Gods, longships and invasions. The children have created their own Viking Dance in PE interpreting the Lindesfarne invasion to music. And built watchtowers in Forest School.

Picture85    Picture86

During maths lessons we have been working on our fluency with place value, negative numbers, rounding to the powers of ten, Roman Numerals, addition, subtraction, multiples and factors. We have also been practising our times table knowledge. Please keep practising Times Tables Rock Stars and Doodle Maths at home!   

We were very lucky to have an archery workshop this term which the children thoroughly enjoyed. We are looking forward to some extra cricket coaching after half-term.

Picture89     Picture88


We have also enjoyed our science lessons, which included making icebergs float and keeping ‘frosties’ cool and ‘lemmings’ warm with thermal insulators linked to our book. We have also discovered that some materials will dissolve and make a solution, whilst others are insoluble.

What We Are Learning:


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