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Summer Term 1 - May 2023

Wow the weather has taken a lovely turn. We have been enjoying the sunshine and have spent extended periods of time taking our learning outside. The children have explored the seasonal changes and have confidently been describing the ever changing weather. They have all grown in confidence, developing their independence and resilience. Our theme this term has been "How we grow" and the children have been exploring life cycles of animals and their local environment. We have found tadpoles and have kept our own caterpillars. They are currently in the chrysalis stage and we are waiting for the butterflies to emerge. We have noticed a great change in how the children have been playing and have seen a rise in collaboration, shared thinking and imaginative play. Home Group time has been focused on Phase 1 Phonics and we have stepped up the challenge to oral blending! Our butterflies have began exploring the first set of Phase 2 sounds for the whole school phonics scheme ELS. Well done Ducklings!


Darwin's Kingdom

We have been kindly given the opportunity by FOLPs to have a visit from Darwin's Kingdom. The children were able to explore three lovely exotic animals. The first a chameleon named Summer. He was bright green because our summers and environment in the UK is green. The children learnt that if he became grey it meant he was distressed. The second a giant tortoise named Indie. The third a python named Gizmo. Thank you FOLPs.


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We hope you had a fantastic Easter Break throughout April. Happy Eid to all! 






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