Ducklings' News

Autumn Term 1

This term our theme has been Ourselves. Our curriculum is underpinned by a high quality text. This term our core book has been Owl Babies. The children have been talking about their immediate family, the role they play and learning to build resilience and independence when settling into a new environment away from their parent/carer. We have been supporting your child's listening and attention skills through circle times. The children have loved listening to Owl Babies. They have developed their own story maps, retold key events and acted out parts of the story. The weather and seasonal change have been a key interest this term. We have explored the outdoor environment around the school and walked to our local woods. They have developed their understanding of cause and effect as the leaves begin to fade and fall. They helped Mr Squirrel understand why the leaves were disappearing through our story The Leaf Thief. We have followed the children's own lines of enquiry through child led learning. Key themes this term have been ice-cream making and duck soup in the Mud Kitchen, water play, creating animal and dinosaur kingdoms using block play, and turn taking games. 

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