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Ducklings' News 1 September 5th - 16th 2022

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Archived Issues (September 2021 - July 2022)

Issue 1: September 2021

We have had a fantastic half term in Little Ducklings. The children have a good understanding of the rules, routines and boundaries. They have formed lovely friendships and our new starters have settled into Nursery life. We have spent ample amounts of time exploring the children’s own interests and curiosities. These guide our planning and enable us to challenge and support your children. This is a huge milestone in your children's lives and we have been working hard to support children to settle in, build relationships and ensuring all children were happy and ready to learn! The team have been helping the children build their independence. This includes washing their hands, putting their coat and wellies on, carrying their own bag and drink. We have been very proud of their confidence and independence. Well done Ducklings! 

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Issue 2: Monday 4th October - Friday 15th October

As the cold weather has fallen upon us, we have talked about the different seasons and have used our senses to explore our environment. Our core book has been The Little Red Hen. We have been retelling the story and talking about the actions of each character. The children have been developing their early math skills when making their own bread. Cooking has been a highlight this term as the children enjoyed picking blackberries and making blackberry biscuits. We have learnt about Harvest and sang our song 'Big Red Combine Harvester.' A visit from Farmer Fell sparked excitement when exploring a variety of fruits and vegetables. The children have followed their own lines of enquiry and some key interests have been mud kitchen Cafe, car ramp loop the loops, all things water and dinosaur madness! 

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Issue 3: Monday 1st November - Friday 5th November

We have had a very exciting first week back after half term. Our Session A children were paid a visit from Mr Molar. He helped us learn about the importance of brushing our teeth and keeping healthy. Don't worry Session B's we are planning your Mr Molar visit! Potion making and pumpkins has been a huge hit. The children used their senses to explore the different textures, smells and colours. The windy weather sparked excitement as the leaves continue to fall. We have been on leaf hunts to investigate the different colours. Another key interest we have followed has been dinosaurs. The children have developed their own stories and story maps within out dinosaur land. To go with our adventurous stories we have been singing lots of songs and making our own instruments, including shakers and drums!

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