Remote Learning

At Lakeside, we strive to ensure that all children receive quality education whilst working in school or remotely. As always, our children's education and wellbeing is at the heart of all our thoughts and decisions. The staff are committed to working with families and children to remove any barriers they may be facing and we recognise that communication is key. We have used evidence from the Education Endowment Foundation to provide our structure of learning. We are reflective in our approach and will ask for feedback at regular intervals from our families. If we feel it is appropriate, we will make changes and adapt our provision. 


Key Elements of our Remote Learning

Live 'Daily Catch Up' with the teachers and support staff 

Each year group has an allocated time during the day where the children can follow a link to join a meeting in Microsoft Teams. This is a key aspect to out remote learning as it allows the children see and hear each other despite not all being together. Teachers will plan for a variety of activities to take place each day such as, playing games, giving feedback on prior learning, reading a story, circle time activities etc. There is a Code of Conduct for families which is relevant to these meetings and in the links at the bottom of the page.   


Use of a Learning Platform

Our Nursery children are able to access remote learning through the use of Tapestry and for our children in Reception to Year 6, children will access their learning through Seesaw. Every child has their individual code to access this. Evidence states that there is no advantage to be gained from live teaching lessons over pre- recorded video lessons. 


Assessment and Feedback

Teaching staff will provide daily feedback to the children on the learning which they submit. This may be through individual, small group or whole class feedback to encourage the children to stay on track. They might receive this through Seesaw directly in response to their submitted work, the daily catch up sessions, small group session via Teams or phone calls home. 


Exercise and Movement

We encourage all of our children to have as part of their daily schedule an exercise or movement break. Our Sports Coach is providing some remote lessons, but please make use of other resources such as Joe Wicks, Cosmic Yoga or just going out for a daily walk. This is essential for mental wellbeing. 



Reading is important to use here at Lakeside and is a priority as part of our Remote Learning offer. Children will receive at least weekly Guided Reading sessions through their English sessions. This is to help develop inference and comprehension as well as skills to support reading such as skimming and vocabulary development. 

In some cases, a smaller group session of Guided Reading will be offered via Microsoft Teams. This will be by invitation only.  

We now have a fortnightly Reading Book Pick Up Service available for families to come and collect a set of books for their children to read. These include the banded books from the reading scheme and a range of library books. Please contact the school if you would like to be part of this. 

Children are encouraged to access reading books from the online Oxford Owl reading scheme. 

Oxford Owl Home Library 

Some children have been invited to pick up reading scheme books from school. This option is available from 11.00-11.30am each day. 


Further information about remote learning can be found on the Kite Academy Trust website

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